Some changes

In the effort to get a little bit more content on this site, in a more timely manner, we’ve decided to branch out from just 7″ reviews. The 7″ review will still be our main bread and butter, and once we have gone through a year, we’ll auction off the 7″s we’ve reviewed for a charity.

But, the both of us brothers also attend shows, take pictures, watch music videos, and listen to full length albums. So in this space, you might see some different content, which you will hopefully find interesting.

In the meantime, we have 2 new 7″ reviews coming up, one of which is a pretty rare single from Kishi Bashi. We’re gonna talk about Superchunk too, since we got to see them at the AV Club Fest in September.

So stay tuned! We’re excited about making this site a place where you’ll come to read about good music!

-Eric and Rob

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