What we do

We review one 7 inch record a week. Hopefully, the record is something you have never heard before and you learn about a new band. We’ll try to post some form of media with the review, it might be a song from the 7 inch or another album or a video by the band.

Ok, pretty normal so far right?

Here’s where it gets fun: One year later, we’ll put the 7 inch that we reviewed up for sale on ebay. Then, we’ll take whatever money we get for the record, and donate it to a charity (which will be decided soon, but probably have something to do with music and be based in the Cleveland area, where we both live). It’s not exactly profiting on the future rareness of records, since we’ll be donating to charity, but it’ll be fun to revisit the bands and records we bought a year ago and see how they hold up. And hopefully make some money for charity.

So that’s the plan. You can view the archives to see each record we’ve reviewed and the week we reviewed it. We’ll also keep track of the money we spent, and where we bought the record (maybe to determine if we have a skill for picking out rare records, but that’s not really the point).

We hope we discover some new music, and we want to take you along for the ride!

Oh p.s. we live in the Cleveland area, so if we head out to a show or hear about something going on, we’ll try to feature it here in between reviews.

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